Our rule of thumb for dental emergencies: If you think it is an emergency, we do too! Feel free to call our office at any time or leave a message with our 24-hr emergency number.  We will respond as quickly as possible. In the meantime here is what you can do until you can get to the proper help.

Broken fillings: Save the filling so we can have a look at it. Rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water with table salt and/or baking soda dissolved in it. If the tooth is sensitive, protect it with dental wax (which you can get from us or from you local drug store) or, in a pinch, you can use sugar free gum.

Lost crowns: Displaced crowns can sometimes be reused so hold on to it. Try to place the crown on the tooth with denture adhesive or, if it will not stay, you can use dental wax to cover tooth if it is sensitive.

Knocked out tooth: Don’t panic! If we can treat you within about an hour, chances are we can reseat the tooth for good. Do not touch the root area of the tooth. If it is dirty rinse tooth off in gently running water. DO NOT scrub tooth or remove any attached tissue fragments. Gently replace tooth in socket if you can. If not, place tooth in cup of milk or gently wrapped in milk soaked paper towel. If there is no milk available, use cool water instead. Go to the dentist immediately.

Bent or broken braces: Gently move sprung wire or clasp away from cheek or gums and cover with dental wax. Call your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Broken denture, partial or bridges: Do not risk home repairs. Glue can destroy composition materials and cause gum erosion. Keep all pieces, even the smallest and give us a call. We can usually return an emergency repair to you with in 48 hours.

Toothache: This is a common and painful problem. A toothache tells you there is something wrong that needs attention. Rinse your mouth with warm water and try to floss area to make sure the pain is not just food lodged in between your teeth. DO NOT put aspirin or any thing like it on the tooth or gum. This can cause gum irritation and ulceration. Ambesol or Oral-gel is fine.  Toothaches may go away but the source of the problem will not.

Bitten lip or tongue: Apply direct pressure to bleeding area with clean cloth. If swelling is present apply cold compress. If bleeding does not stop go directly to emergency room.

Possible broken or dislocated jaw: Do not move jaw. Secure jaw in place by tying handkerchief, neck tie or towel under jaw line and over top of head. If swelling present apply ice pack. Go immediately to the hospital emergency room.       

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